About Us

WoodBlock Furnitures & Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

emerging leader in the furniture, furnishing, interior design & consultancy arena

Delivering the product you deserve, at the right time and at the right place.

The company has its headquarters in Delhi and has established its extensive partner network in India and as well as other Asian and European countries. We are a team of seasoned professionals who aim to deliver high-quality furniture your space deserves. With investments in the latest in tech and best industry practices, we offer a platform to bring to our customers the best in furniture, furnishing and interiors that the world has to offer.

Working tirelessly to ensure best-grade service

We offer furniture for corporates, offices, hotels, banquets and homes, across all major cities in India. The WoodBlock Furnitures & Interiors team is driven to help you style your space using an assortment of options, so each element represents a unique character and is in harmony and balance with your personal ethos. From upholstery, flooring and ceiling work to interior design consultation, our team can take care of your every furniture and furnishing need.

Ms. Chetna Singh

Founder & Director

Ms. Chetna Singh is a highly experienced professional at the cusp of her entrepreneurial journey. After completing her master’s in marketing, she served in the service maintenance industry for four years. She also worked in a reputable IT company that further honed her skills for her current endeavour.

She brings her diverse educational and work experience to build the company that has today reached admirable success. Ms Chetna has worked tirelessly to elevate the stature of WoodBlock Furnitures & Interiors. From forming an exceptional team and creating the company profile to building client relations, our founder believes in working in unison with her team and local partners, with her eyes set on to a vision of serving corporate, institutional as well as individual clients across the world.

Ms. Chetna Singh mentored the WoodBlock Furnitures & Interiors team personally to set them up to offer the best in the furniture and furnishing industry. She has worked with several clients from different backgrounds including clients from the government and foreign clients that has helped several local businesses to thrive. To her, feedback and continuous improvement are two indispensable values, that she has instilled in the company ethos. Ms Singh believes that building trust between the team members is of utmost importance and it is also the first step to building a great furniture empire.

Our Philosophy

Core Values

Our vision is to transform the WoodBlock Furnitures & Interiors company into the largest and most trusted empire of furniture, furnishing and interior design.

And mission is to serve the vast and diverse needs of corporate, institutional and individual clients in India and all around the world.

Client First

At WoodBlock Furnitures & Interiors, our clients are our first priority. We believe that happy clients motivate our business to drive further towards excellence.

Exceptional Quality

To us, consistency in quality is everything. We know that maintaining our exceptional quality is of utmost importance and our products and services reflect the same.

Team Work

WoodBlock Furnitures & Interiors’ vision can only become a reality through teamwork. We believe that building trust between the team is of utmost importance. Hence 360-degree feedback and training are the two indispensable aspects of employee and business growth.

Continuous Improvement

We relentlessly pursue excellence in People, processes and technology to become a better company, that can better serve our employees, customers, partners and vendors.

Custom Projects with Artistic, Design Oriented Value

While our reviews speak for themselves, you are free to observe while we work to design your dream space. The WoodBlock Furnitures & Interiors team understands that you know your vision the best, hence we welcome any suggestions or designs you have in mind. Our services are priced fairly and are aimed at creating the best experience for our clients!